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Nebraska Corn Board

Mission: Increasing the value and sustainability of Nebraska corn through promotion, market development and research.

  • State agency funded through a 1/2 cent per bushel checkoff on all corn at first purchase in Nebraska

  • Focus areas include:

    • Market Development

    • Research

    • Education

    • Promotion

  • Focused building domestic and international demand for corn, red meat, biofuels and corn co-products

  • Invest in programs and research that communicate and educate about the NE corn industry

Visit the Nebraska Corn Board website.


Nebraska Corn Growers Association

Mission: Advancing Nebraska corn farmers through leadership, policy and education.

  • An independent association supported through dues paid by its membership
  • Focus areas include:
    • Policy
    • Leadership Development
  • Can lobby on policy and regulatory issues at state and national levels
  • Focused on farm policy, regulatory issues, leadership development and grower education
  • Leadership professional development programs for young adults


Visit the Nebraska Corn Growers Association website.


Nebraska Corn Board
245 Fall Brook Blvd. Suite 204
Lincoln, NE 68521

Nebraska Corn Growers Association
245 Fallbrook Blvd. Suite 204
Lincoln, NE 68521